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  • Title:Department of Chinese Literature of National Chengchi University 2016 Academic Year Second Semester Recruitment of Full-time Teacher Announcement (Expected Vacancy)
  • Post Date:2016-10-07


 1.      Academic Expertise: (1) Chinese Philology or Paleography 2Modern Chinese Literature


2.      Number of Vacancies: One Assistant Professor level or above; full-time teaching position in either of the areas of academic expertise in 1 above.


3.       Qualifications:

(1)   Candidates currently not holding Teacher’s Certificate shall pass the Teacher’s Qualifications Review Pursuant to the Accreditation Regulations Governing Teacher Qualifications at Institutions of Higher Education by Ministry of Education, R.O.C. (Ministry of Education);

(2)   Candidates currently holding Professorial Certificate in Chinese Literature or closely related fields recognized by Ministry of Education must satisfy one of the following criteria within five years before hiring (October 31, 2011 through October 30, 2016):

                       i.   Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C., Grant Proposal(s) (closed), or paper(s) formally reviewed and accepted for publication (must attach proof of review and publication), both or either of the above; or

                       ii.   One book formally reviewed and accepted for publication (must attach proof of review and affidavit/certificate of publication);

(3)   Diploma issued by foreign institution must be authenticated by Consulates, Overseas Representative Offices or other organizations authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C., in the country of the originating institution(s).


4.      Application deadline: Now through October 31, 2016 (Monday, postmark date)


5.      Expected date of hire: February 1, 2017


6.      Materials required for application (please submit in consecutive order; please DO NOT bind application materials):

(1)         Completed “Candidate Basic Information Form” (separately attached. Applications submitted not using this Form will NOT be accepted and will be returned for resubmission);

(2)         One photocopy each of Teacher’s Certificate issued by Ministry of Education, appointment letter/job offer for current teaching position, diploma of the highest academic degree; dissertation for the highest academic degree in quadruplicate;

(3)         Representative work - must be the publication and\or dissertation published within the past three years (October 31, 2013 through October 30, 2016), in quadruplicate. (Please select one work in the area of academic expertise applied above as representative work and label accordingly);

(4)         Reference works - within the past five years (published between October 31, 2011 and October 30, 2016), in quadruplicate (reference works must be related to the area of academic expertise applied above; please arrange in order of importance and label accordingly);

If representative or reference works are in foreign language(s), please also attach an abstract in Chinese of approximately 2,000 words for each work submitted;

(5)         Candidates with teaching experience, please provide teaching/course evaluation surveys or similar documents;

(6)         Candidates listing reference works in the Candidate Basic Information Form, please provide copies of reference works for review.  Please DO NOT use works unrelated to the area of academic expertise applied above;

(7)         Please fill out “Candidate Basic Information Form” in Word format and email to, with “Department of Chinese Literature Teacher Application Information Form_ OOO(Candidate Name)” in the subject line;

(8)         Application materials submitted will not be returned; if “Yes” is selected in the “Application Materials Needs to be Returned” line on the “Candidate Basic Information Form”, please provide a paper box appropriate for the size of application materials for the Department of Chinese Literature to return via “Paid-by-Addressee Express Delivery Service.” If “No” is selected, candidates’ application materials will be destroyed after the completion of application review process;

(9)         Candidates who pass the preliminary review will be notified to give a talk to the faculty of Department of Chinese Literature; travel expenses are to be paid by the candidates;

(10)     Candidates hired must teach one “General Education - Chinese” course each academic year.  


Contact Person: Ms. Wu Jia-zhen           Phone Number: (02)29387042

Mailing Address: No. 64, Section 2, ZhiNan Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City 11605, Taiwan (R.O.C)


Application Checklist (Documents in paper copies unless otherwise noted):


No. of Copies

Date of Publication


Representative Work




Reference Works



1. In order of importance and clearly labeled accordingly
2. Please provide Chinese abstracts for foreign language publications
. Arrange in consecutive order, please DO NOT bind

Teacher’s Certificate



Please provide signed copy

Appointment letter/job offer for current teaching position



Please provide signed copy

Diploma of the highest academic degree



Please provide signed copy

Completed “Candidate Basic Information Form”




Completed “Candidate Basic Information  Form”

Electronic form in word format


Please email the electronic form to
with “Department of Chinese Literature Teacher Application Information Form_
OOO(Candidate Name)” in the subject line

Teaching/course evaluation surveys or similar documents



Please provide if applicable


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